Pictured is the family of Abdelnour Saleh Zaybak, his wife sits to his left, along with his children and his brother’s family.

Top row, starting from the left: Ibrahim Abdelnour Zeibak, Badia Mousa Zeibak, Jeries Abdelnour Zeibak, Saleh Hanna Zaybak

Seated individuals, starting from the left: Bahia Hanna Zaybak, Hanneh Yousef Ankar, Badie Abdelnour Zeibak, Abdelnour Saleh Zeibak, Alexandra Khoury Zeibak, Zahia Hanna Zaybak.

Two young ones at the bottom: Michael Abdelnour Zeibak, Lutfi Abdelnour Zeibak

Ramallah, Palestine, ca. 1921