Pictured is a group of family and friends enjoying their time over a meal of Mansaf; (from left to right) Standing is Jameel Totah, Nicola Dudum, Yousef Ankar, Salem Rizkallah, and Jeries Eways. Seated next to those standing in the back row are Ibrahim Akel, Nimer Misleh, and Jeries Shunnarah. Seated in the front row is Habeeb Hishmeh, Musa Jubran, Boulos Baseel Harb, Khaled Mubarak, Jeries Ghanayem, Awwaad Daoud Abu Azeezeh, Abed Mansoor, Ghannam Salem Ghannam, and Isa Mogannam.

Ramallah, Palestine ??, ca. 1950s