Abdelnour Saleh Zaybak and Family, ca. 1921

Pictured is the family of Abdelnour Saleh Zaybak, his wife sits to his left, along with his children and his brother’s family. Top row, starting from the left: Ibrahim Abdelnour Zeibak, Badia Mousa Zeibak, Jeries Abdelnour Zeibak, Saleh Hanna Zaybak Seated individuals, starting from the left: Bahia Hanna Zaybak, Hanneh Yousef Ankar, Badie Abdelnour Zeibak, [...]

Abdelnour Saleh Zaybak and Family, ca. 19212021-09-01T00:02:07+00:00

Freemason Society of Ramallah, ca. 1925

Pictured are members of Ramallah’s Freemasons. (From left to right): Standing: Jameel Baseel Harb, Ibrahim Kaibni, Hanna Salem Jaber, Khaleel Rasheed, and Yousef Cadoura Sitting: Abdallah Dughman, unknown, Saleem Shihadeh, Mogannam Mogannam, and unknown. Ramallah, Palestine ??, ca. 1925

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Abdallah Esa Bateh and Family, ca. 1925

A photo of Abdallah Esa Bateh and his family! Pictured (from left to right) is Helaneh Bateh (wife of Jameel Bateh), Abdallah Esa Bateh, Fareeda Bateh, Ziadeh Bateh, Jameelah Jameel Bateh (the baby - later married Fareed Jiries Salamy), Nijmeh Bateh (Abdallah’s wife), Ziadeh Bateh, and Jaleelah Bateh. Abdallah’s home later became the well known [...]

Abdallah Esa Bateh and Family, ca. 19252021-02-22T02:36:40+00:00

Ziadeh Farhat Ziadeh and Family

Pictured is Ziadeh Farhat Ziadeh with his family in front of the Ziadeh family home. The Ziadeh family home is now known as the headquarter’s for Sareyyet Ramallah (the Ramallah Scouts). From left to right: Top Row - Ibrahim Ziadeh, Sarah Jaber Ziadeh, Fareedeh Ziadeh, Hanna Ziadeh, Yacoub Farhat Ziadeh, and Ziadeh Farhat Ziadeh Bottom [...]

Ziadeh Farhat Ziadeh and Family2020-09-28T18:54:46+00:00
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