A picture of the Mogannam Family at the funeral of Jiries Abdel Masseeh Mogannam outside of the Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Ramallah in the year 1935.

Identification of Family Members is as follows:

Sitting Down of the floor (from left to right)

Fareed Saleem Mogannam, Elias Jameel Mogannam, Aziz Hanna Mogannam (behind Elias Mogannam), Naim Mansour Mogannam, Jiries Butrus Mogannam (behind Naim Mogannam), Essa Jamil Mogannam, Abid Nimer Mogannam (holding a child), Fouad Nimer Mogannam (Child), Nasir Muffardh (front), Yacoub Ghanaiem (back), Nissrallah Mansour Mogannam, and an Unknown man

Standing (right to left)

Nasri Nissrallah Mogannam (partially shown), Ishak Hanna Mogannam, Jameel Hanna Mogannam, Abu Jameel Shatara (head partially shown between Ishak Mogannam and Jameel Mogannam), Khadra al-Ahwal (in the back), Daoud Essa Mogannam (next to Jameel Mogannam), Jameel Ayyoub Mogannam, Essa Jiries Mogannam (Wearing Kiffieh, the deceased’s son), Hanna Jiries Mogannam (wearing Kiffieh, in front, the deceased’s son), Rafidi- Church Kandalaft (standing behind Essa Mogannam, wearing kiffieh, head partially shown), Khoury Yousef (right side behind Hanna Mogannam), Greek Bishop, Greek Priest with Bishop, Greak Head of Ramallah Orthodox Church (standing behind Greek Priest), Saleem Abid Mogannam (next to Greek Priest), Jasir Bajis Mogannam, Nasir Shatara (in the back between Saleem Mogannam and Jasir Mogannam), Nicola Mizirawai (far back behind Jaisr Mogannam), Araj (behind Jasir Mogannam and in front of Nicola Mizirawi), Attorney Mogannam Mogannam (white suite and a cane), Mukheimer (head partially showing over Mogannam Mogannam’s left shoulder), Yousef Essa Mogannam (to the right of Mogannam Mogannam), Abu Saleh (in the back between Mogannam Mogannam and Yousef Mogannam), Greek Priest with Bishop (right of Yousef Mogannam), Rasheed Hanna Mogannam (left of Greek Priest)