Baptism of Munther Jaber, ca. 1967

The baptism of Munther Jaber, son of Ramzi Jaber. Pictured (from left to right) is the priest Atallah Hanna, Azeezeh Khoury Mashni (the godmother), Munther Jaber, Salem Khoury (The Godfather) and brother of Azeezeh, and Nahida Jaber, Munther’s mother standing behind Salem. Ramallah, Palestine 🇵🇸, ca. 1967

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Sami Ramzi Harb

Pictured is Sami Ramzi Harb, son of Ramzi Harbi Harb and Nahida Zaboura Harb, in Kuwait, 1967. The inscription on the back of the photo reads, "This picture is of Sami as a gift for his Amto (Aunt), all greetings to your husband, congrats to you - Nahida"

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